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Bending service for steel tubes respecting the defined angle and bending radius requirements.

  • Material quality: Steel and stainless steel
  • Round Section: between Ø13mm and Ø50mm Max
  • Prismatic section ≤ 50mm x 50mm
  • Wall thickness: 4mm Max
  • Tube length: 250mm min to 5000mm Max
  • Mandarin

Precision and high-finish cutting service by ACCURL 1KW and at PAF Precision and high-finish cutting service by two 2D “Laser Tube & Fiber technology” laser machines.

• Quality Material: STAINLESS STEEL, Alu, Copper
• Material Tube Length: from 3500mm to 6500mm
• Product Tube Length: from 1mm to 4500mm
• Round Tube Section: Ø12mm to Ø140mm
• Square Tube: 12mm x 12mm to 120mmx120mm
• Rectangle and Special Tube: Inscribed in a 170mm circle.
• Max dimension of 140mm and difference between the dimensions of 110mm max.

Specialist in tube shaping according to customer request.

• Cutting to length of steel tubes.
Section: Ø13 mm to Ø127 mm
Finished length: from 50 mm to 4750 mm
• Automatic tube punching.
Section: Ø30 mm to Ø60 mm
20×20 to 110x80mm
Thickness: from 1mm to 4mm
Finished length: 600mm to 3000mm
Hole diameter: minimum 6 mm
Hole spacing: from 0 to 3000 mm
• Chamfering and threading of tubes.
Section: Ø13 mm to Ø114.3 mm
Thickness: from 2 mm to 4 mm
Chamfer: 1 mm to 5 mm / 45°
Finished length: 5000mm to 6500mm
• tapered thread according to Standard EN10226-1.

Our rolling forming machine performs various operations (without removing material), such as threading, grooves and specific revolution shapes on the edge of the tube.

• Depth up to 3mm
• Pitch = 6mm and 8mm
• Single entry and 3 entries
• Right or left direction
• Threaded part length 500mm as standard and other lengths on request.

PAF offers a complete range of one-way shaped wires, from round iron spools.

• Round iron section: Ø6 mm up to Ø14 mm
• Steel grade: SAE 1006 /SAE 1010 /S235 /S275
• Straightening and cutting to length up to 9m

Our sheet metal slitting machine with high performance and great flexibility for coils up to 15 tons.

•Sheet cut steel grade: CRC: Cold rolled coil
HRC: hot rolled coil
ZA/ZAM: galvanized coil
Thickness: from 0.4mm to 5mm
Length: from 50 mm to 4000 mm

•Slitting steel grade: CRC: cold rolled coil
HRC: hot rolled coil
ZA/ZAM: galvanized coil
Thickness: from 0.8mm to 5mm
width: from 40 mm to 1000 mm

Our eccentric tool presses make it possible to give materials the desired shape. Cutting, punching, crushing and stamping, etc., the material is processed with the highest precision.

• Tube punching.
• Steel Sheet cutting rolling and punching up to 8mm thickness.
• Feeding by motorized uncoiler for large series.
• Feeding by slitted sheets for small and medium series.

KukaWeld offers high precision and superior quality welding solutions through the use of advanced Kuka machine technology. Our team of qualified welders and our technical expertise allow us to produce impeccable welds to meet the most demanding needs of our customers. Whether for industrial applications, construction projects or custom manufacturing, our welding service guarantees reliable, durable results that comply with European standards. Benefit from our know-how and our commitment to excellence for superior quality welds with KukaWeld.

  • Higher accuracy and quality
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Reliability and compliance
  • Technical expertise and support

Galvanization, a service of excellence at Universe Steel Factory (USF) Thanks to our specialized units, MBG Galvanization and SGTM, we offer superior quality galvanization services. Galvanizing is a corrosion prevent treatment that extends the life of metals and reduces maintenance costs. Our modern and efficient facilities, complying with the last international standards. By choosing our galvanizing services, you benefit from unequaled multi-layer protection, an intimate bond between iron and zinc, mechanical protection and sought-after aesthetics. You can trust galvanization carried out by true specialists, meeting the highest requirements in terms of quality and efficiency especilly to fullfil international customer’s requirements