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In order to satisfy new national and regional demands for affordable housing projects that can be quickly built up, the Universe Steel Factory Group has developed a productline with its own brand called “Steel Style.” This brand is the result of over a decade of work development close to international architects and engineering firms, aiming to provide a solution for multi-family housing that combines elegance, security and cost efficiency.
This conception is based obviously on using mixed materials to create a thermally and acoustically efficient whole building.
Structurally, the buildings are made of steel, while the envelop consists on prefabricated walls and lightweight coated steel floors.
The industrialized approach, whether it involves wood, metal, or concrete, enables cost-effective and fast construction.
With their innovative design, these multi-family housing units offer flexible layout in order to accommodate to various uses.
Our management system complies with international standards for quality, hygiene, safety, and the protection of environment.
Based on our internal and experienced engineering offices, we are able to anticipate on worksite interventions.
Our welding and assembly teams are trained and fully qualified.
MBG Construction and SIGA have achieved numerous projects and have enough skilled human resources to manage large-scale projects exceeding 2,500 tons of steel transformation workload per project.

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