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MBG Galvanization and SGTM two companies of Pole USF which is part of Poulina Group holding are the leaders in Tunisia in Hot Dip Galvanization Technology.
During the last 25 years, they have been offering durable corrosion prevent services for both local market in Tunisia and for metal processing industrial exporting their production to Europe, Africa and all around the world.
Equipped with modern and cutting edge mills through its two hot-dip galvanizing plants MBG in Grombalia and SGTM in El Fahs, its quality gains national influence and confirmed regional notoriety.

*KEY FIGURE 450 employees Grombalia: 210 people Fahs: 240 people €45 Million turnover Capacity 40,000 t. of galvanized steel / year, i.e. approximately 130 t. / day Grombalia: Dimensions of the bath 9m x 2m x 3.2 m + maximum weight 10T Fahs: Dimensions of the bath 13m x 2m x 3m + maximum weight 10T Our objective is to resolve all the corrosion problems of steel local manufacturers.
Below is a list of industries that lean on us and our main added values for each application.

Definition and interest of Hot Dip Galvanization: Steel is a fascinating material which responds to an infinity of applications, from the most elementary to the most prestigious. Its only downside is rusting if not properly protected. Hot-dip galvanizing is the best corrosion prevent treatment that ever exists. Both economical and ecological, it extends the life of steel by several decades and reduces considerably its maintenance costs.
Hot Dip Galvanizing consists on immerging steel in a bath of molten zinc at 450°C after appropriate surface preparation. Zinc and steel will then react together. A series of iron-zinc alloys will form on the surface of the steel. These intermetallic layers will provide protection that is clearly different from any other surface treatment technology. The thickness of the coating deposited provides Hot-Dip Galvanization according to EN ISO 1461 with much better protection than any other zinc coating process. Hot-dip galvanized surfaces are not only protected from climatic aggressions, but also preserved from mechanical damage for decades. Under normal exposure conditions, Hot Dip Galvanizing prevents corrosion for up to 50 years or more, without costly maintenance. The incomparable advantages of Hot-Dip Galvanization.
Hot-Dip Galvanization is a complex science and must be driven by high trained specialists if you want to obtain a perfect result especially when you don’t know your steel grade origin to coat.

*INCOMPARABLE ADVANTAGES Multi-layer protection of iron / zinc alloys, without equivalence iron and zinc, atom by atom Mechanical protection through the complementarity between layers softer than steel (shock absorption) and layers harder and more resistant than steel Perfect protection for all surfaces, including hollow body Sacrificial protection in the event of injury (cathodic protection, self-healing) Reinforced protection of edges No alteration of mechanical properties A sought-after aesthetic (example: association with wood) An unequaled cost/performance balance A favorable ecological balance STRICT STANDARDS TO MEET THE EXCELLENCE OF STRICT STANDARDS TO MEET EXELENCE: Faithful to its positioning of excellence, the galvanizing units of SGTM and MBG Galvanization of Univers Steel Company meet the latest standards in force concerning all of its services. galvanizing, these standards are as follows, in order of importance: NF EN ISO 1461 Coatings by hot-dip galvanizing on finished cast iron and steel products. Specifications and test methods. NF EN ISO 14713 Guidelines and recommendations for the protection against corrosion of iron and steel in constructions NF A 35503 Iron and steel products Requirements for the hot-dip galvanizing of steel elements ISO 9001 & 14001 V 2015 Integrated system management quality & environmental ISO OHSAS 18001 V 2007 Occupational health and safety management OUR GALVANIZING SERVICES Hot-dip galvanizing Maximum dimensions of parts: up to 15 ml x 2 ml x 3 ml H in a single pass (*) Weight maximum number of pieces…. t. Traceability guaranteed (by our CAPM systems) Very short lead times, work by appointment – Total capacity: 40,000 tons/year your needs. Always with the same level of quality and attentiveness. Galvanization certificate Control report Assistance with design Drilling Assembly / Assembly Packaging of a finished product (eg: application of stickers) Finishing Repair kits Containerization – Sealing – FLAT container – OPEN TOP container. SERVICES Collections and deliveries by semi-trailers and flatbed trucks. Short deadlines, work by appointment. Technical training for customers in metallurgy and reactivity of steels + audits.