Health and Safety:


Ensuring safe and healthy professional lives for our employees is paramount. We provide a secure and healthy work environment, encourage employee engagement in our success, and promote integrity. We value diversity, respect each individual, and foster their potential.

Social Performance


Human values hold great significance in our company. Our hybrid management system is based on individual performance and promotes meritocracy.

Climate Change


We are committed to significantly reducing our carbon footprint, but we cannot do it alone. Through a highly collaborative approach, we have developed the industry’s most extensive and flexible portfolio of low-emission innovations. We are working towards creating the necessary conditions to make our steel carbon-neutral a reality.



Our factories will be powered by renewable solar energy. Managing environmental impacts is one of the biggest challenges in production. However, reusing steel itself and its by-products presents a tremendous opportunity to promote a circular economy. We also aim to minimize our impact on the environment, including air, soil, and water. Acting with transparency and responsibility throughout the value chain is essential to meet stakeholders‘ expectations and earn and maintain the trust of our customers.

Social Performance


The respect and value we place on people at the heart of our business mean that we strive to be a good neighbor in the communities where we operate. We are an employer that respects the needs and aspirations of our current and future staff and a company that upholds human rights in a culture of integrity.

Product Innovation


Achieving a low-carbon circular economy where everyone shares a quality life requires innovative and collaborative thinking.

Customer Reassurance


Like us, many of our customers are reviewing their entire value chains to ensure their suppliers meet or exceed rigorous environmental and social standards. As producers, we see this as an excellent opportunity to build customer loyalty through the active and efficient management of our own operations and supply chain. That is why we continue to be at the forefront of our industry in developing sustainability assurance standards.