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MBG GAZ is part of Universe steel factory since 1994, subsidairy of Poulina Group Holding, the factory complies to the last QHSE ISO Standards. In fact, it has reached professional maturity, becoming regional leader and highly qualified company in its fields of manufacturing, restoring / retesting of LPG gas cylinders. In addition, it manufactures thanks to MBG construction subsidiairy racks and display shelves. MBG Gaz is established on 6360 m² factory with certified qualified workforce and modern automatic machines enabling a production capacity of 1,000,000 bottles per year and delivers orders of very demanding famous customers in terms of quality, safety and delivery deadlines. Aware of the challenges it faces, MBG is committed to be usually a reliable supplier by continuous progress and development in order to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and end consumers. The manufacturing of LPG gas cylinders is broken down into several distinct steps. Steel sheet cutting, stamping, welding, painting, finishing. Throughout the manufacturing process, the gas cylinders go through a 100% check inspection process to prevent any defect which presents a potential risk compromising safety users. The checking protocol carried out during the manufacturing of gas cylinders involves all bottle parts. These include welds, fixing the valve, sealing, tightening torque or resistance to manipulation.