> Energy, Marine and river facilities
MBG Construction and SIGA companies have developed a rich knowhow in the construction of energy, maritime and river structures.
Our customized solutions meet the specifications of projects related to demanding environments. With a combination of technical know-how, advanced engineering, and extensive experience, we are able to deliver high-quality marine and river infrastructures.
At MBG, we are committed to provide reliable, safe, and sustainable construction solutions for energy, marine and river works.
Our team of qualified experts and our dedication to innovation enable us to undertake large-scale projects in this specialized field.
After been selected as supplier in several national and international tenders like Desalination Plant in Tunisia, electric energy facilities, many local and foreign customers or contractors trust us to carry out successfully their projects such as SNC LAVALIN, BAXTER, STEG, STEG International, SBF, Greenvolt, etc…

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