> Logistic Warehouse Framework
Metal building and erection by MBG Construction and SIGA companies fullfil the specific requirements of logistic warehouses.
In fact, steel constrcution design provides unrestricted free spaces with reduced column constraints.
Using metal beams enables large spans without intermediate columns and offers a great flexibility for building extension and evolution.
Our engineering teams have extensive experience with this type of structure, which enable us to offer timely and cost-effective turn key solutions tailored to everu customer’s specific needs.
Furthermore, leaning on our main shareholder Poulina Group Holding which trust us to realize all its industrials factorie’s warehouses to diversify its activity we have developped rich skills and evolutive knowhow in such projects, thus we can offer competitive mixed Metal/Panel/Concrete designs to meet all specific requirements with great efficiency.
To fullfil logistics platforms and storage warehouse customer’s specifications for different field of activities, our metal construction engineering team have developed industrial solutions securing:
– The compliance with regulatory fire stability requirements for the metallic structures,
– The fire-resistant wall systems,
– The inhouse engineering studies for structure justification in classified establishments and for environmental protection, such as ICPE 1510, 1511, 2662, 2663, etc.

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