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MBG and SIGA are specialized in the construction of custom-made industrial frameworks.
Our skills involve the design and the construction of metallic structures complied to customer’s specific need.
Thanks to our qualified teams and our rich know-how, we are able to carry out extension projects, revamp and refurbish existing ones. Among our clients in the field of industrial buildings, we have worked with local famous Mills in cementry, brickyard and electronic industries such as CJO, BJO, Maquardt and others.
PAF is the leading Tunisian manufacturer of welded steel tubes according to ISO international standards:
• EN10305-3: Cold calibrated welded tubes.
• EN10305-5: Calibrated welded tubes with square and rectangular section.
• EN10219-1/2: Welded hollow structural sections, cold formed in non-alloy steels.
Standards and Specification:
• EN10305-3: Cold calibrated welded tubes
– Ø13mm up to Ø127mm
– Thickness: 0.9mm to 5.5mm
• EN10305-5: Calibrated welded tubes with square and rectangular section.
– Square 14×14 Up to Rectangle 150×50
– Thickness: 0.9mm to 5mm
• EN10219-1/2: Welded construction hollow sections, cold formed in non-alloy steels.
– Ø26.9 up to Ø127
– Thickness: 0.9mm to 5mm
• Steel grade:
MC355 / S235 /S275 /S355/MC420
Finishing option:
• Interior scraping (on customer request).
LAC: Hot rolled steel
LAF: Cold Rolled Steel
ZA: Galvanized

A wide range of cold drawn welded or seamless steel tubes with reduced tolerances and in compliance with international standards, for the requirements of precision automotive, domotic, pneumatic and hydraulic applications.

• Outside diameter from 8mm to 80mm
• Thickness from 0.7 mm to 5 mm
• Standard EN10305-2
• Standard EN10305-1
Steel grade:
E195 /E235 /MC355 /MC420

PAF offers a wide range of metal props with different load capacities. These are adjustable Props from 0.5 m to 5.00 m opening.

Product nomenclature:
• Molded nut
• Plate 120x120x5mm
• Barrel Ø57 thickness 2 mm
• Slide Ø48 thickness 2 mm
• 6 mm thick protection washer
• Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanized according to ISO 1461
The metal tower, consists of five elements. It allows the development of shoring towers.
In addition, it is possible to make adjustments at the level of the cylinders at the bottom and fork at the top and this system supports high loads.
Finishing option:
• Painted as standard with anti-rust paint by immersion to improve exterior and interior protection.
• Hot-dip galvanized on request.
• Two standard dimensions to choose from 1m x 1m and 1.5m x 1.5m.
• Three sets of trapezes (0.45m / 0.65m / 0.85m) allowing perfect control of heights.
Multi-directional scaffolds are the most practical to use when the shape of the building facade has several details and corners.
• Various combinations in width 0.75m, 1.00m and on request for other dimensions.
• Hot-dip galvanized.
• Accessible by stairs or trapdoor floor.
• Suitable for special configurations: walkway, beam etc..
PAF offers tubular tunnels for several uses:
  • Haystacks storage
  • Storage shelter.
  • Cattle breeding tunnel.
  • Bulk storage.
  • Industrial storage.
  • Sand storage.
  • Salt storage.
  • Flat grain storage.
  • Site shelter.
  • Size: up to 15 m wide and up to 6 m high. (other size to be studied on request)
  • Quick setup : Possibility to disassemble and move.
  • Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel.

Simple access platform, mobile for occasional use allowing access and handling during the loading and unloading of trucks.

• Structure: Galvanized Steel.
• Moveable by two people only.
• Safety railings during operation.

The worksite staircase facilitates and secures access for site personnel and visitors thanks to its non-slip steps and guardrails.

• Tubular structure in hot-dip galvanized stackable elements.
• Standard one-piece design to facilitate handling and avoid bolted assembly.
• Removable variant possible on request.